Fiberglass Rebar & Basalt Rebar -Sustainable Building Materials

Fiberglass Rebar & Basalt Rebar– Building Materials in Infrastructure for the Future of America

Use of advanced materials in design is the key to building green…Sustainable Building!

There is not a legitimate argument in the facts. Infrastructure development using Kodiak FRP rebar is the most economical option. Anything less is recklessly short sighted cost analysis projection. Ignoring service life cost projections is a display of defiance to fiscal logic, an adolescent mentality that we just cant afford as a society in progress. Kodiak GFRP reinforcement cost is fractionally higher on front end budget calculation. Analyzation of cost to service life savings when accounted, convert to an astronomical fiscal return on program investment.
Too often, critical working life cost analysis is dismissed or minimized carelessly with short sighted budget politics over-ruling or ignoring the best interests of the peoples national infrastructure longevity & sustainability. Save a buck today & kick the can, spend 5 times as much next time to demolish & rebuilt again, …and Again.

Now is the time for responsible planning. Its time to scrutinize service life projections critical to long term value engineering with use of high quality, efficient materials for the infrastructure of our country, our home.

The Carbon footprint of steel in production is much higher than that of FRP rebar production, even without consideration of the footprint left by demolition & rehabilitation time & time again. Not to mention the carbon offset provided in the ability to use less concrete in the initial structure by a thoroughly strategized engineering design.