Fiberglass Rebar

American Made Fiberglass Rebar
The Original FRP Fiberglass Rebar, Made in The USA -Since 1984- Houston Texas,
Deformed FRP Rebar Developed By Leroy Heston as high strength, corrosion proof concrete reinforcement.
Fiberglass Rebar is used to reinforce concrete in applications where concrete is exposed to water, salt water, or chemical environments. Kodiak rebar does not corrode, weaken or dis-color. Kodiak Fiberglass Rebar is 25% the weight of steel rebar & has twice the tensile strength. GFRP rebar is Non-magnetic, Non-Conductive to electrical current & thermal transfer, & transparent to (RF) radio frequency. These characteristic qualities have made GFRP Rebar standard protocol for use in MRI facilities, Power transmission terminals, Micro-Tesla Calibration, Toll-Roads as well as any area in which magnetic equipment & radio frequency is present. GFRP rebar is the concrete reinforcement of reputable pre-cast concrete manufacturers for quality production.